Playing the Spoons

Playing spoons musically is something that has always sort of interested me (yes I AM a NERD, but I’m cool with it). And finding a video of a guy in a kilt playing spoons? Awesome! I just love a man wearing a kilt. Perhaps that is due to some of my Irish/Scottish heritage peeping through?

I remember sitting in my grandparent’s living room while my grandpa played the banjo and my favorite uncle, Lewis, played the spoons. Now that I think about it this memory might be where my interest in spoon music comes from. I must admit I love it almost as much as I love my cowbell music.

Hard to believe? Well believe it!

I was looking up a bit of history about the spoons and playing music with them. It is believed that spoon music has been around as long as the spoon itself has been. Which is hard to say how far in the past that it goes. Spoon music is thought to have originated in several countries around the world. From Russia to Egypt, to Ireland and Greece, and even Native America. Amazing how something like that can be happening in countries that back then had no way of communicating with one another!

Now spoon playing tends to reside in folk music, especially folk music from the more southern states of the U.S.A. I would love to have any musical talent and be able to play some spoons. Too bad my old metal measuring spoons aren’t shaped right or I would use them to try. (Wouldn’t feel bad for losing a spoon I’m no longer using.)